My Approach

The Dark Towers: Like something out of Tolkien, these 8,500-foot peaks are known as Cuernos del Paine, inside the Torres del Paine park

I have been trained in AEDP, John Bradshaw inner child work, non-violent communication, powerful non-defensive communication, couples therapy, gestalt, hypnotherapy, focusing, CBT, DBT, psychosynthesis, Systems-Centered Therapy, Hakomi and non-dual psychotherapy. I draw upon all these methods. Fundamentally, however, what I do is to gently elicit core feelings and experiences, help the client to engage in inquiry about their experience and hold a safe space in which all feelings, thoughts, experiences and emotions are welcome. When I sit with a client I am feeling deeply within for something to arise which fits the client’s need in the moment, fits the situation and moves in the direction of healing and understanding. What arises can be tactical for dealing with current challenges or it can be strategic, leading to deeper understanding and lasting change. This can come either from techniques I have learned or from my own life experience. For me, it is not a cognitive process. It arises from intuition, my soma and my state of being. Being able to do this requires the depth of spiritual and personal work which I have done and continue to do. I also work with couples where I bring the same approach to couples therapy with an added clear understanding that it is essential to balance the needs of each member of the couple. Specifically, some of my deepest work has been around issues of spiritual emergency, cross gender wounding, helping couples to resolve communication difficulties, anger resolution and management, non-violent communication and powerful non-defensive communication.

The essence of therapy is to revisit old wounds in a safe and healing environment in order to be able to break old patterns and develop new ones. This can take the form of remembering while feeling bodily sensations, getting in touch with images or dreams, gestalt enactments and enactments in the therapeutic relationship itself. In all of these forms, I bring consciousness and compassion to the experience. In doing so, I will periodically check in with you about how you are experiencing therapy and if it is working for you. I will modify what I do, based on your feedback.

Life is not perfect. We all must face situations that are unsafe for us. Some of us experience this more than others. I seek to help people develop the ability to be safe, effective, conscious and compassionate in the world while at the same time not limiting their growth.

How can I help you?