Stretching our minds

Klein Bottle

The figure shown is a Klein bottle. This is a three-dimensional representation of a four-dimensional object. Because we are three-dimensional beings, it is impossible for us to really understand this object. Where it appears to go back through its own wall in this representation, it actually connects back to itself through a fourth spatial dimension. The diagram creates this non-existent breach of its own wall to try to make it understandable to three-dimensional beings. Yet if we had a Klein bottle, we could travel through the fourth dimension, even though we cannot perceive it. The relevance to psychotherapy is that in order to try to understand the human mind I believe we create non-existent objects such as ego, superego and id. I believe that just as we could traverse a Klein bottle without understanding it, we can do the same thing with the human mind by being in touch with our deepest, often non-conceptual intuition.

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