Therapy and Politics

The place of politics in therapy is far from being an easy topic. Many therapists refuse to allow clients to speak of politics at all. Others consider this area to be best avoided. Some consider it legitimate to push clients toward the therapist’s political orientation, somehow convincing themselves that this is in the client’s best interest. Every time I hear this from a friend or potential client, I am deeply saddened. Interestingly, I have not heard therapists themselves proclaiming that this is what they do. In my view, doing so violates the sacred trust that is at the heart of therapy.

My perspective is that anything that causes suffering in our lives has a place in the context of therapy. It’s also clear to me that people’s political orientation can be very core to their sense of self and my job is to respect their choices. This is my approach in both individual and couple’s therapy. In my practice, well-being and relationships are the priority.

Should you choose to work with me and bring up political choices and beliefs, I will handle this area in the same way that I handle all others. I will work within the scope in which you give me permission. We can investigate how choices you make are helpful or detrimental to your sense of well-being. Thus, I will not challenge whether you are left, right or other. If you are open to it, I will work with you to look at how you express or follow your beliefs, and whether that is working for you. This may or may not include how you use social media, how much time you spend consuming news, and what sources you choose. 

Alternatively, you may just want someone who will listen in an open-hearted way to what you experience. If you wish, I will give you my complete support in this choice.

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